And there’s a certain part in the anime that is completely taken out in the movies that just gave the entire show more weight. The execution had its ups and downs. The animation, the lighting, the scenes, the music. Edit Opening Theme 1: Knights of Sidonia is amazing. The order you watch them in doesn’t really matter. A year or two ago, TrueCoolGuy recommended the Berserk movies to me. I got the platinum edition from a private tracker, but you can wait it out and get the BD release whenever that releases.

The anime had a nice blend of action and story progression with humor thrown in the mix. Full Metal Alchemist I don’t consider UBW an entirely new anime. The Maxim available or not? Although, the ending could have been a lot more emotional and potent. Hot damn, I was gonna wait until all of the episodes came out but this looks too good to pass up. Every episode was aderanile filled and everytime if felt an end was near. I expected the third movie to clear this stuff up, but it didn’t.

I actually watched through all of code geass and I regret it every time someone brings up that shit show. Hot damn, I was gonna wait until all of the episodes came out but this looks too good to pass up.


Eagerly awaiting the next installment. A friend recommended Clannad! And should i watch it English Dub or Sub? Has anyone watched Zetsuen no Tempest?

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 1 -zetsuen no tempest crunchyroll,zetsuen no |

And I hope your temepst stays the same when you have watched all of it. D There is much more to the plot then just finding a killer tho. This is probably something you can never over-do in a show like JoJo. Doesn’t have to be dramas only. If so, why choose Griffith?

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 1

I watched sub, it was fine, no idea about the dub. Space wars, Aliens, Drama, Romance etc. He really takes the cake. Check’em out and see what interests you. Anyway lets get on to the actual issues you have with the movies. D It’ll help u enjoy the anime more: It’s a pretty interesting series. Check out Hotarubi no Mori e too If you are in it for a badass male lead no matter what the theme maybe The anime isn’t without its flaws however.


Hellsing’s like “Screw all that. Sentai Filmworks North America: D Spartan http: D Yeah, yempest was awesome. D How could you even survive without anime? And I liked that dude.

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I think with a better art it would have really taken off. I ‘ll check out more of Makoto’s stuff! I thought it was still airing? Do you have an anime episofe or something?

Lots of occult stuff. I can wait another D I’ve also heard about Fist of the Northern Star having a badass male protagonist. One condition though, it must NOT have nudity or strong sexual themes!

Never found anything like barakamon: LuckyKrystal All reviews people found this review helpful. They went through the chapters pretty quick. Then read the manga.

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