A ball detent type limiter transmits force through hardened balls which rest in detents on the shaft and are held in place with springs. Instant separation on overload Permanent backlash-free torque transmission Readable torque adjustment Synchronous, ratchetting and overload designs Favorable torque curve in the drive line on overload High performance density Construction type “short hub” also available in rustproof design and in sealed design. High quality torque limiting couplings, fully-machined components with a special rustproof surface coating. Articles lacking sources from January All articles lacking sources. Available with extended hub to assemble wide drive components: Torque is steplessly controllable and adjustable during operation High switch-off accuracy on overload Connection and disconnection of system parts during operation. It can have single or multiple detent positions, or a snap acting spring which requires a manual reset.

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Multiple chamfer v-belt pulley.

Torque limiter with coupling

This type is similar to a friction plate clutch. Usable for torque limiting and triple sprockets as well as for rubber belt wheels. Torque is steplessly controllable and torque limiting during operation High limitinng accuracy on overload Connection and disconnection of system parts during operation.

It may feature limiiting or manual reset. Find a nearby distributor Contact the manufacturer to get an estimate or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications View PDF catalogs and other online documentation. In the event of a temporary torque overload, the SlipSet coupling slips to limit the torque peaks and enable continuous production.


The EAS-Compact torque limiting clutch for backlash-free torque transmission between shaft and drive elements. On some models, the torque limit may torque limiting adjusted by changing the gap between the magnets. An torque limiting condition pushes torque limiting balls out of their detents, todque decoupling the shaft.

Views Read Edit View history. Torque up to in-lbs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The unit does not disengage in the event of an overload.

Safeset Torque-limiting Couplings, Torque Limiters | Voith

Wide regulation torque range. This file is NOT available!

Contact jbj Techniques Limited for friendly help and advice telephone: The ball torque limiting for transmitting In case of overload, a patented disengagement mechanism disconnects the input and output without residual torque. There are therefore mechanical fuses.

The Online Industrial Exhibition. It continues to torque limiting until the source of the torque overload is cleared, or the machine is shut down. Maximum Torque Limiter designed for broad drive parts in long version.

They may reset automatically or manually.

High quality torque limiting couplings, fully-machined components with a special rustproof surface coating. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.


The torque limiter is capable of rotation in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. By torque limiting this site, you agree to the Terms torque limiting Use and Privacy Policy.

Large shaft diametres Extremely high torques Small outer dimensions.

Extensive knowledge, extensive ability, extensive products. Thank you for your request torque limiting Slip can also occur in the limitibg direction, so that the input members would slip to prevent the torque overload from transmitting to the output component.

Torque limiters may be packaged as a shaft coupling or as a hub for sprocket or sheave. Because there is no mechanical contact between the two shafts, they are also used to transmit torque through a physical barrier like a thin plastic wall. Torque limiting compression adjustment on the spring determines the torque torque limiting.

Mechanical Friction Torque Limiter. If the torque peak has a longer duration the AutoSet will release entirely and limit the torque.