What more I can say? I want to thank you firstly for such beautiful written response, and I do not mean it as a sarcastic remark!!!!! But guess that’s not a bad thing at all! That last picture combo? You’re on to me! Love is in the air, but so is death and darkness, and it looks like the final battle is going to be: Yoon-hee and Sun-joon head to the bookstore, and he sends her ahead of him, stopping to pick up a present for her. Han Yun Supporting Cast.

It killed me too. He gives a knowing look, and we can surmise that it has something to do with Sun-joon being a Noron. He drags Yoon-hee out, leaving Hyo-eun floored. This episode was so sweet! Oh, ain’t it nice to wield executive power blog-wise, girlfriday? Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast. That’s up til 1: Listen, I blame it on the crack.

When she heard “cut,” she felt both refreshed and relieved. He thinks about it day and night, and has changed his views on everything he thought was impossible because of her. But the execution of the political singkyunkwan is better than I expected. SKK for the win! I’m missing them already SKKS after party: I saw the pictures of the actress they’d originally cast, and she’s super cute as well, but PMY did a really solid job as KYH.

Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast. I’m so sad that there’ll be no more bromance. Here is the episode 17 “All I want is you” vid.

I was hoping no one would notice. They are all there watching the broadcast of the last episode.

Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast. Kaitlyn November 4, at 1: We can hide our nerdy intelligence together and even scale rooftops on the weekends. He sighs that he wants to see if the world that those people had dreamed of could be a epixode one them was his brother. Ayyy boy, I’m gonna miss you on screen.


Oh Moon Jae Shin, the second lead love syndrome is killing me! PMY is ridiculously pretty albeit with much thanks to advances in modern medicine, cough cough in real life.

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Yong-ha asks Guh-ro what he wants to do. Jae-shin in turn quotes a text he particularly respects—written by a Sungkyunkwan student long ago—Professor Jung in his youth. Do you mean the kissing? It killed me too. It will be interesting. Hottest, yet the purest at the same time. They crack it piece by piece, as Jae-shin watches silently, and when they decipher geum…deung… he finishes the rest of it for them: If the assassin were positioned there, and on the Noron payroll so that money was exchanged, he surmises that there will be a record.

We need more of your smiles, Mr. Long story short – the history being dramatized in SKKS does not go rdamafever the historical truth. He barely manages to trade the love-note book for another copy without offending his classmate, and sighs in relief as he delivers his final note: D Thanks you guys! Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. I adored the scene where Sun-joon declared his love for her through the notes — not only was it cute, but it fit right in with his character, too, and I appreciate it when the writer’s don’t shoehorn in awkward fan-service-y bits, but instead make them part of the natural flow of the story. Kaitlyn November 4, at 5: The love scenes are adorble! Sungkyunkwan Scandal will forever live on! I thought I would have to wait longer again.


That’s exactly what I felt like. How he will always be there for her by her side. Yoo Ah Sscandal Main Cast. Actually, now that I think about it a bit further, a drama about Confucian scholars that revolves around a girl parading as a boy can’t but thematize father-child relationships, given that the whole frigging Confucian world order was based on patrilineality.

When he was drinking and perch on that tree while Sunjoon and Yonhee were scnadal all that cutesy moments in the room Enjoy, you young thangs!

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

He grabs his liquor and perches in his tree for a bout of angst. For me ep 17 is my favourite! PMY also had help from her doctors? And I think I’m going to manufacture a situation in which this applies: Sun-joon practically jumps down her throat Not literally—pull yourself together!

Can’t believe it took me this long sungkyunkwwan realize that! Hey, girlfriday here, back for another hit of Joseon Crack. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Choi Dong Joon Supporting Cast. It literally slays me.

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