But at the age of 22, after a number of previous attempts, Zailckas comes to realize that she needs to stop, and she does, without the aid of alcoholics anonymous or mental health professionals. And it also speaks to how much underage drinking takes place under the cover of secrecy. Please support us by making your Amazon. So I cried, hyperventilated into my hot little hand, and wrote the whole thing in one shot. Why do they fail? This is her first book. What types of qualities are actually developed, and which are neglected?

At 16, she passes out in a puddle of vomit at a party and has to get her stomach pumped; after a night of drinking during college at Syracuse, she is sexually assaulted by a friend. All the language we have to talk about rage is pretty vague. And we expect young people to be able to find that line? Either they write so that is easy to identify with the main character, in which case it is painful to read how he or she behaves so self-destructively, or else, they make it hard to sympathize with the main character, in which case the drinking just seems annoying. Who is responsible for this? By People Staff February 07, Young people see more television commercials for alcoholic beverages than they do for jeans, sneakers, or acne creams.

So it is impressive that Koren Zailckas manages to make her memoir of her teenage and college drinking so engaging.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. With honesty, humility, and dazzling language, she describes how her youth was lost in a dizzying pattern of partying and binge drinking. Assault, date rape, sexual coercion: What did it mean to you? Authors are caught on the horns of a dilemma. She makes good points, and they make the book more interesting. For a long time, I took my confidence and identity from being a girl that I thought was fun to go out and have a drink with.

Not even neurologists had that information ten years ago, back when I started drinking. In retrospect, I can see I was always a writer, always a reader.


Why do you think that a girl with so much potential turned to such dangerous behavior? Readers who are past their mid-twenties may be surprised by Zailckas’ tendency to discuss events that happened a few years ago as something from her distant past, like a young child looking at a baby and saying he was like that when he was little.

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So I cried, hyperventilated into my hot little hand, and wrote the whole thing in one shot. We thank you for your support! What does enable her to zialckas stop drinking? She is also critical of the disparity in the government funds directed at the war on drugs compared to the meager amount spent on trying to reduce alcohol abuse. Views Read Edit View history. As a teenager, my parents felt overly present. But we can teach young people to be critical of the messages they see.

Unfortunately, I think that objective is too easily forgotten, especially after three cups of jungle juice at a Phi Chi Omega mixer. Zailckas also makes repeated admiring references to the work of Sylvia Plath, which adds to the sense that she is still young. Why do they fail?

In the end, I think my parents did everything in their power to keep me healthy and safe. She reveals a party atmosphere in which men are enabled to violence just as women are set up as victims. It is alarming that so many young women are binge-drinking so often, and are very likely causing themselves even greater problems by having sex with boys or men they would not even talk smashev when they were sober.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Use mdy dates from December Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April All stub articles. I just needed to get my hands on a bottle with that little bat logo. Find specific examples of alcohol bringing out the worst behavior in people.


It occurred to Zailckas, then 23, that she could offer a younger perspective. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click herefor Firefox click herefor Safari click here and for Microsoft’s Edge click here.

Try to think of aspects that you think are common and those that you think are unique to her situation.

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What do you think sororities and fraternities could or might be like without alcohol? Could you stop as she did?

That said, scenes that involved drinking and sex caused me the most heart palpitations. Writing, culling and arranging words, always came naturally. This article about a memoir is a stub.

Along the way of her story, Zailckas points out modern trends among American girls and young women zailcckas drinking, and has some angry words for how alcohol is promoted in the media, as well as the ineffective education programs that schools and colleges conduct in a futile attempt to reduce excessive drinking. Around the same time, Zailckas was hearing a lot [ citation needed ] in the news about “girls of her generation” and how they were drinking younger and smasned than all the generations of women who’d gone zailkcas them.

But as a teenager, those images are effective, if not only because you feel so damn alienated at that point in your life. I mean, the drinkers the ones who are running half-naked through the streets at 3 AM, singing, screaming, puking alcopops in the bushes. How do you think campus culture encourages drinking? It would expose me to criticism from people who believe that drinking women deserve whatever trespasses have happened to smasher.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could make a career of it.

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