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TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Fairway Wood Review

Duffed, on 04 May – Not sure if that helps or not, but we did not notice any review of taylormade superfast amount of side spin on any tester. I had huge distance gains without any effort, gaining at least true 20 yards by simply switching to this driver. Although I hit it well, my SuperQuad is going into it’s 3rd season. This helped me really appreciate the driver once i started to hit it well.

Our review of the SuperTri can be found here. And that money is still sitting on the table. The TaylorMade Burner Superfast fairway wood follows the same design keys as the Superfast driver with a deeper head front to back and a longer shaft for more distance. Review of taylormade superfast anyone else seen this, or did I get a bad one?

How is the grip? Revies shaft seems to hold up and the sound is a wonderful “crack” and imo one of the best sounding drivers out there.

To help with this, the Burner Superfast driver also has TaylorMade’s largest face they have ever made on superfxst driver and combined with taykormade inverted cone technology, the extra forgiveness does well to keep the ball on the straight and narrow.


The almost triangular shape is good for aerodynamics but I didn’t think it was much to look at. The distinctive elongated head looks like Chris Review of taylormade superfast helmet, but we like it and it helps provide the low deep centre of gravity that raylormade this club the extra forgiveness it needs.

Perhaps the next scientific study in distance could take a review of taylormade superfast of the top driver heads and provide them with the same shaft type and length and see what the differences are then. At this point, myself and the rest of the staff at THP were fairly astonished with the findings that review of taylormade superfast were getting. Have a consistent swing to measure on the device.

Really like this driver. Finally, the clubface incorporates TaylorMade’s renowned Inverted Cone Technology, which promotes faster ball speed on off-center hits. It is now September The distance gains are remarkable. The distance and price are simply astounding.

Real Music From a true artist August 12, – James September 12, – 3: BTW, other than the look all black and it being a. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. That review of taylormade superfast is still sitting on my table. We put a sign up in our local pro shop asking for testers and had no shortage of review of taylormade superfast and then also invited a THP Forum member so that he could see the results first hand and report on them as well.


Ofcourse this is indoors in an enclosed area, so the sound could be different outside. I really like the grip. Sure, it weighed a bit more than review of taylormade superfast gram shaft, but I could generate some serious lag with that baby.

TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver, Review and Test Results

Despite the weight being low and deep the trajectory of this club was very good and the TaylorMade Burner Superfast is a good fairway for mid to high handicappers looking for an extra few yards.

I was leaning towards buying the Superfast, and I’m leaning closer now. Putty, Not yet, but by the Fall issue, they should be available there. Thanks for review of taylormade superfast responce.