Her worst fears have materialized, or so she thinks, and it is in that mind frame that YW operates when she passes by KC at the gisaeng house. Those are the skill he has had to master to solve the riddles presented. The secret is out quickly, with KC overhearing that conversation between CJ n YW, more like a soliloquy by CJ, who by her expressions, shows that she is saying what she is saying not out of concern for KC, or his relationship w YW, but as a means to put YW in her place, to make her feel awful. Either way JGW wins unless someone thinks fast. Kang-chi is protected from a capital punishment and taken under the wing of Yi Sun-sin, a maritime leader. It’s not that particular gisaeng who is practicing black magic. Help those in need… Learn to function peacefully and productively in society with others” –He’s done that.

Unless he’s been plied with liquor. I want a happy ending for everyone but I especially really, really, want one for those two. If that’s the direction the writer takes then it would tie into the biblical references used at the start of Kang Chi’s life journey. Declining to act as a gisaeng, Seo-hwa concurs in the wake of seeing the ruthless demolishing of her sibling. The show begins by the trip of both Cha Eun-Sang Park Shin-hye and Kim Tan Lee Min Ho to the States, where each one of them has come from a completely different background and for an absolutely different reason. What do you think?

The wording would be slightly different to ask just “what do you want to do” WR isn’t dying he’s becoming a demon. Let’s see if the writer fully addresses that small plot before the drama is over or if she drops it. He hasn’t even started at all.

Kdrama | Korean Kingdom

I can’t wait for the next episode to see what they have in store for us but AGAIN, my only complaint is that Chung-JO, who was my one of my favorites is now the sitting on the back burner; which highly irritates the crap out of me.


He really has no place in their relationship.

May 19, at 2: I wonder how Yoon Se Ah’s reaction was after receiving the offer to play Seung Gi’s mom in this drama. He is cautioned by Jin-pyo not to trust anybody and never to love a woman, as doing so will put those beloved ones around him in peril. By NileRose Started December 28, Kang-chi will never want to see me again!

Kangchi, the Beginning

I am obok in the resolution of the ending in this ep. Ivoire June 5, at 5: This, “Hopefully the maid was threatened in some way, because she not only betrayed Kangchi epcrama betrayed Chung Jo as well,” I agree with and I wonder what will happen between the maid and CJ I kind of doubt that we will see it A few more questions I have: But doesn’t that happen in real life too?

He takes off and goes to see DPJ. They consistently frequent her, some needing her to satisfy their last wishes, others simply frightening her. Some of my thoughts on ep.

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I understood it as: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I’m also eager for the drama to cut down on the OTP love scenes and focus on the Kang-Chi’s family reunion. And Kang Chi’s mind obviously was more preoccupado with YW this whole conversation.

I wish they had some yunno, actual scratch marks on clothes and etc to make me feel like WR was actually really hurt. Kang-chi asks why, and Master Dam says he lost fifteen of his men to Wol-ryung, and in the end he attacked Seo-hwa.

I thought it was interesting that KC had a hard time learning how to fight, during the training session with Gon in ep. You also said this, “And aww I loved that she actually liked Kangchi before she even knew who he was.


But when he is in danger, when he has to fight, or when he is tortured, his beastly self appears for his protection. He has to discover and own it himself, and that is his GFB.

The back hug scene touched my heart so much.

Winter Sonata was probably the first k-drama watched by the majority of those who became k-drama addicts. So, if KC is so eager to stay in a human form, he has to first of all find a person who knows such scriptures and then find out about a suitable method from him. My 2nd theory is that as much as he is transforming into a gumiho, he has also been heavily drugged both alcohol and the incenseso he can’t stop the transformation from happening, however, he is not in that moment strong enough to stand, fight and break his chains.

Soo-ryun shares her suspicions with Master Dam about Seo-hwa being alive. I can’t help but feel WR and SH probably aren’t going to last past next week. However, I think people kinda forgot about what So Jung told him how to “find the book. Kang Chi has got friends who can share his thoughts Tae Seo, the academy, etca loved one who shares his heart Yeo Wool and now a chance to fight and defend his country. I wish the writer-nims would have killed off these siblings. This incident is known as the Rangoon bombing aka Rangoon incident.

Thank you again for the recap, GF! So I think that epdraja he meant was the solution, the light bulb moment.

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